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About Us

Cross Country Inspections is a full service Inspection Company serving all of the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan areas. We have experts in single family,  townhouses, condominium, & 2-4 unit multi-family properties.

Southern Nevada | Las Vegas Metropolitan Area 

Phone: 702-853-0113 (Monday – Friday Hours 9am-4pm PST)

Service Areas: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Rural Clark County.

Licensing: All of our inspectors that inspect in Nevada have the Inspectors of Structures – Residential or higher Certification from the State of Nevada.   We have local business license in every area we service including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Urban, Suburban and Rural Clark County. All licensing can be verified on the respective local city or county websites.  If ordering an inspection requires a local business license that we do not currently have we will not accept the order unless we can get a single day business license the same day as inspection. 

Services Provided: Residential Inspections, Mold Inspections 

Inspections done by appointment only 7 days a week.

Inspection Services Provided by Cross Country Inspections LLC a Nevada Limited Liability Company


Information About Images Used On This Site.

All images used on this site may or may not have been homes or properties we inspected. They are considered stock photos for the listing of the inspections available for purchase.   Most images where taken by Kenneth Wiener of Cross Country Inspections.  Any images used that are not available without physical access to the property were taken with the permission of the home owner at the time the photo was taken.  If images were not taken by Kenneth Wiener they are being used with permission of the copyright owner.

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Kenneth Wiener Certified Inspector of Structures Cert# IOS.0000822-RES and a Certified Residential Appraiser Cert# A.0005744-CR. For all licensing visit Meet Our Team